When we began this initiative our goal was to help other Fairfax County parents. That goal remains. We developed this website, even though there were costs to do so, but we have no intentions to charge Fairfax County members at this point or in the near future. This project will remain free of cost to Fairfax County parents for at least this school year and hopefully beyond that. Our out of pocket costs to get the website built and now additional costs to help manage the growth of this initiative are ongoing, and we are accepting donations from those who would like to help us defray those costs. In the interest of transparency, we will continue to disclose our exact costs as we incur them, along with an updated status of donations received to date. Donating is completely voluntary.

Total Expenses (annual)$2,336.94
Domain name registration$22.24
Site hosting$176.88
SSL certificate$124.99
WordFence site security$99.00
Website Software
– Ultimate Member$224.10
– WP Forms$299.50
– WP Manage Ninja$44.10
– Zapier$61.25
Privacy and site terms policy creation$201.00
Future near term expected expenses
(web development, additional hosting)