Why is the survey so long, and so many questions? 

As noted above, our initial questions on our own listserv raised dozens of questions and preferences. We are agnostic about these preferences, but do think they will help families once they get to the sharing group phase to sort out pods. Over half of the questions are optional, so you don’t have to answer, although we think answering will make matching later on much easier. 

Why do I need to fill out the form multiple times for different students/children?

Students attend different schools, are in different grades. Additionally we had early feedback that some families have children with different needs — for example one student who will attend virtually and one that will go to school on the hybrid model. Our process will allow families with multiple students to choose whether they want their students to be grouped together.

I couldn’t find another family who matched in my sharing group. 

Feel free to reach out to us. We make no promises, but we will keep a list of unmatched families. You can also request to join our private, moderated Facebook group for idea sharing and there you may be able to connect with people in your shoes / others who have not yet found a match.

I think I saw another survey. Is this the same thing?

We also know of a couple of other similar initiatives in northern VA. Each is a little different though. We are not seeking to make any money off of this, ours is just a volunteer effort. So we certainly don’t mind if you choose another survey over ours, or fill out both to see what emerges for you. We are also trying to reach out to the other coordinators that we hear of to see if there are any ways we should work together.

May I share this?

Please share with any family with K-12th students in Fairfax County.

Where can I connect with other parents?

We have also created a private, moderated Facebook group which you can request to join

I am from another region/county/state/country . Can I participate?

This is for Fairfax County only, but we are happy to share the google form template we built for free to anyone in the US. You may contact us through Contact Us page.