Is my data secure and private?

Yes, fully. Your names, emails or phone numbers are not available to anyone who searches. You can see an example below. The sender will not have access to the recipient email address. Rather, contacting one another will be done through a web form and the form will take care of knowing where to send correspondence.

Wait! I didn’t sign up for a website. I don’t want to be a part of this.

We know that you all placed a tremendous trust in us in sharing your data through our survey. We are humbled by it, truly. We decided to change our approach because the size of the task demanded it, and we are well aware that it’s a change from what we thought we would do initially. If our new approach is not for you, we completely understand. If you want to continue to participate, you must OPT IN. Otherwise, we will remove your survey response from our data.

Will there be a fee?

We have no intentions to charge members at this point or in the near future. Our goal is to have this project remain free of cost to Fairfax County parents for this school year. However, we have spent some out of pocket costs to get the website built (about $700 so far), and we are accepting donations if you would like to help us defray those costs. In the interest of transparency we will disclose our exact costs as we incur them, along with an updated status of donations received to date. Donating is completely voluntary.

We acknowledge that the complete scope of this project is unknown at this time, even to us. It’s possible that the project needs will expand to the point where administrative or technology needs will increase and costs will increase too. We do not know if there will be a point in the future where we need to charge a fee for this service. So while that is not our goal, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. What we can commit to you is that we will be transparent at every phase and give you ample warning about why and if there is a need to charge in the future. 

Where are teachers going to come from? Are you trying to pull teachers away from Fairfax County? Absolutely, unequivocally NO.

We are moms with students in FCPS schools. Our kids are attending this year – and we were signed up for both online and hybrid options before the county reversed its decision and announced that everyone would start the year virtually. We adore our teachers, we are grateful to the county, to Dr. Braband and to the members of the School Board. We in no way want to harm the county school system, harm teachers, steal teachers away or anything of that sort. Everyone is working as hard as they can in an impossible situation. This initiative is a few moms, trying to do our part.

COVID-19 has presented the world, and our little corner of the world with brand new challenges. FCPS has its hands more than full. Our work is intended to fill gaps that have been thrust upon ALL of us by a virus. No blame or harm intended, and we are trying to be really thoughtful so as not to cause unintended harms either.

Our hope is that retired teachers, former teachers, coaches, tutors, parents with career knowledge or subject matter expertise, parents whose work schedules are not as demanding as others, babysitters, nannies, scout leaders, academic team leaders, high school students, college students, recent graduates looking for teaching jobs, and more will step in to help build a community of leaders, mentors, coaches, caregivers and teachers that can help students and families in this unusual time.

To the extent that current FCPS teachers want to help with our initiative, and their school contract permits it, we welcome them. Some teachers have provided private tutoring on evenings or weekends in the past. Others teach online courses in addition to their regular full time job. This project is similar. We trust that individual teachers who want to be a part of our database would exercise the same professionalism that they have in the past for similar types of outside work and do so with any necessary disclosures and permissions. We further expect that families will be equally respectful of the other, primary obligations of any teacher they seek to work with. 

The website is great, but it’s a little rough. I can think of a lot of other things you could do with design or functionality.

So can we! Please send your comments via the Contact Us form because we would love to hear them, and we know our users may have good ideas we haven’t thought of. We are already mapping out V2.0 to roll out in 2-4 weeks (with features such as unique editable user profiles with links to students, ability to hide your profile if you are matched and no longer want to be contacted, ability to publish “pods looking for additional members”) and more. And we will certainly improve the design, look and feel and site flow. We just wanted to get something up and running as fast as possible given the situation and the needs.

I have another question that you haven’t answered!

Great, please send it via the Contact Us form . We will answer you directly, and probably update our FAQ with your question. Chances are if you are thinking about it, someone else is too. Sending your question helps us.