We appreciate that FCPS addressed the topic of pods proactively. We especially appreciated the County’s clarity about families’ rights to form pods and the rules that govern County teachers who want to work with pods. 

As FCPS parents ourselves, we founded NoVADolphin Pods on the belief that we are stronger as a WHOLE community, and our website was built as a service to help that community. This includes not only those who already know about pods and those who can afford pods — but all in the community who could benefit from pods during this challenging time. We believe that pods are one way for the community to come together to bridge the gaps between what we miss and love about in person school, and the current plans for distance learning, given the pandemic. And, yes, equity is a critical part of that. Towards the goal of equity:

  • Our site is and will remain free for FCPS parents. 
  • We have educators in our database who are offering services on a volunteer basis, and we are recruiting more leaders to fill that need. 
  • We have plans to translate our site into languages other than English 
  • We are doing outreach to communities that might not have heard of pods. 
  • We are looking at ways to offer financial and other support to those in need. 

In short, we believe the County is doing the right things, and we believe we, and families, are as well. We are in this together.